The Internet Makes Me Feel Bad


I realize it’s a little ironic to mock Bitstrips using a webcomic, but I did it, so shut up about it.



108 thoughts on “The Internet Makes Me Feel Bad

  1. In the months to come, Bitstrips may well be attributed as being indirectly responsible for the increase in the number of webcomics. Nicely drawn cap on the little guy, by the way. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

  2. I love this webcomic! The idea of “quitting social media” makes me chuckle. One does not simply… eh forget it, you know where that is headed.

  3. This is great! Authentic, funny, and not a gross exaggeration. Me to a core, so thank you for validating me. Please return the favor by reading, sharing liking, commenting, on all my shit in virtual reality world (and encouraging others to do so as well :))).

    Feels GREAT to makes such strides, doesn’t it? LOL

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  5. This is great! It’s comedic while still containing an undeniable truth. Even though we know social media sites shouldn’t affect us, it still does. Getting 2 likes when another person gets 200 hurts our self esteem and makes us feel lame.

  6. This post is so funny for more than one reason. 1) it is funny because it is true. 2) quite ironic that it is freshly pressed. 3) post about of post make one feel bad xD. I love it. It is like a inception kind of thing xD

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